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    Holland Modular Railroad Club meets on Monday evenings from 7 to 9 PM, at different members homes between Glenn, Zeeland and Holland, Michigan.  Our weekly season runs from September to May and we meet bi-monthly during the Summer months.

    Contact Art Kole HERE for directions to our next location. Everyone is welcome to come and visit our meetings and see if membership is right for you!. Check us out!



    4 • No Meeting • Labor Day

    11 • Phil’s in Glenn

    16 • Hastings Train Show • Barry Co Expo

    25 • Art’s in Zeeland


    2 • John’s in Holland

    9 • Phil’s in Glenn

    14 • Grand River Show @ Home School

    16 • Marshall’s in Holland

    23 • Art’s in Zeeland

    29 • Kalamazoo Show @ Kzoo County Expo


    6 • John’s in Holland

    13 • Phil’s in Holland

    17-19 • South Haven Show

    20-22 • Set Up Zeeland Show

    27-30 • Zeeland Christmas Show @ Library


    2-16 • Zeeland Christmas Show @ Library

January 2018

    6 • Riverbend Show @ Homeschool Building

    8 • Art’s in Zeeland

    15 • Marshall’s in Holland

    22 • Phil’s in Glenn

    29 • TBA


    5 • John’s in Holland

    12 • Phil’s in Glenn

    19 • TBA

    26 • Art’s in Zeeland


    2-3 • Overisel Show at Reformed Church

    12 • Phil’s in Glenn

    19 • Marshall’s in Holland

    26 • Arth’s in Zeeland


    2 • John’s in Holland

    9 • Phil’s in Glenn

    14 • Grand River Show @ Home School

    16 • Marshall’s in Holland

    23 • Art’s in Zeeland

    30 • TBA


    7 • TBA

    14 • Phil’s in Glenn

    21 • TBA

club meetings

club information

Art Kole • Club President

    For information about our club, meeting locations, train shows, membership and HO scale model railroading, please contact Art Kole by clicking HERE.


Membership • COME JOIN US!

    Currently we have 24 adult members. Annual dues for adults are $35, students 16 to 18 are $15 and kids 15 and under are free.  The dues help support our club modules, show supplies and the DCC system.  Members are expected to regularly participate at meetings and at train shows. Members are not required to have their own modules or DCC controller but those who do can enjoy a whole different level of model railroading! 

Our current members are...

    • Bob Alexander

    • Merle Althafer

    • John Bona

    • David Bouwman

    • Marshall Bruischart

    • Justin Brunink

    • Ralph Corning

    • Brad Crum

    • Frank Dekker

    • David Fox

    • Phil Hanscom

    • Ty Hogue • Webmaster

    • Gary Johnson   

    • Brad Kiekintveld

    • Art Kole • President

    • Kurt Marlink

    • Rob Osborn

    • Jerry Schneider

    • Louis Spencer

    • Denny Tiggleman

    • Jim Vourlitis

    • Jack Wiest

    • George Williams • Vice President


     If you have any questions for our members about our layouts, trains or modeling tips, please feel free to email our webmaster HERE and he will forward your email to the appropriate person for a response. 

Club and Member Equipment

    Our club runs on a Digitrax DCC system which controls our club yard, corner modules and member modules.  The DCC system allows multiple trains to run simultaneously on our two main lines.  One line is reserved for passenger trains and the other is for freight.  Club and member modules and trains range from the steam era with an ice house and reefers through the transition era with streamlined passenger trains into the modern era including an Amtrak Acela, a military base and container trains. The club corners offer even more variety!